The strengths of German Mittelstand are the fast delivery of high quality products and individual solutions. But with increasing product complexity, shorter product lifecycles and increasing competitive intensity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to generate satisfactory returns.

The main thing is that the companies will be successful and stay focused on the actual benefits for their customers.

Target the Market

The key competitive advantage is found in companies that know their sales markets, their target customers and their requirements, and understand better than others how to understand the benefits of their products.

Improve Your Market Knowledge /

Together we will develop a definition of your sales market that is shared across your company. And our approach is practical throughout: we will gather and analyze only information that is really relevant to you as a basis for your decision-making.

Using and Distributing Resources in a Better Way /

Which market segments are relevant to you? How is your business positioned in comparison to other relevant competitors? What are your potentials? We will identify those market segments that offer the best chances of success for your business.

Increase Sales Efficiency /

Should every inquiry be dealt with in the same way? A target-oriented way of using the market means a departure from the scattergun approach to marketing. Together, we will define criteria which allow you to assess the value of your customers – and the consistent application of this approach to customer segmentation will support rather than hinder the daily activities of your sales team.   

Customer Value-Based Sales

Increase Your Hit Rate /

We will identify the criteria on which your customers base their purchase decision. We will demonstrate how your company is perceived among its competitors. On the basis of these criteria we will define basic functions and options together, which offer real added value for the customer. We will develop a coherent and convincing selling proposition.

Reduce Price Competition /

We know: setting prices based on customer value increases revenue. However, the achievement of higher margins also requires consistent price enforcement. A custom-made training program will support you in this goal!